Talk | The Alumni Returns at Tashkeel / by Salama Nasib

On Saturday December 8th, Tashkeel hosted a talk as part of their Tashkeel Talk series titled with: The Alumi Returns. Moderated by Tashkeel Deputy Director Lisa Ball-Lechgar, the open discussion covered experiences and lessons of overseas arts and design education and the impact of coming back to the UAE, with four artists that have recently returned as MA, MFA and PHD graduates.

Dr. Karima Al Shomely (PHD, Kingston University, UK), Khalid Mezaina (MFS, Rhode Island School of Design, USA), Saeed Al Madani and myself (MA, Royal College of Art, UK).

The talk took place at Tashkeel’s beautiful garden with a lovely intimate group of attendees. We shared a lot of stories that influenced our experiences, as surprisingly the four of us shared certain similar coincidences despite the miles/ years apart. Some of the points/ questions covered during the talk were the importance of pursuing a higher education and whether its needed, the education system difference between the UK and the USA, and the difference between MAs and MFAs and their impact in the UAE. Of course the four of us mentioned our goal of pursuing a further degree in the arts and how it has influenced our practice and such.

A live stream recording is available online on Tashkeel’s Facebook page. Please listen to the whole discussion here and leave a comment! Excuse my sick, unflattering voice as I usually like to think I sound more graceful when talking ;)

Thank you for attending and listening.

Photos courtesy of Tashkeel.