Warm Welcome / by Salama Nasib

I am truly pleased to welcome you to my newly launched website, and to my blog section, where you will be joining me the fun ride of exploring art and ways of expressions. The blog will function as a bridging tool, connecting my ideas to the public through the daily experimentations and the work-in-progress posts.

As a starting point, I thought it would be fair to mention briefly about my background, my interests and my goals. As you may have read in the "About" section already, my name is Salama Nasib - an Emirati printmaker and installation artist living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). I had graduated from Zayed University (ZU) with a BA degree in Visual Arts, and ever since I had kept myself abreast of the latest art trends and shows taking place in the ever growing art scene here. Part of it was through networking - which perfectly summarises how it really works here ;) - and the other part was through working at a one of a kind art centre and hub in Dubai, providing studio facilities and gallery spaces for artists and designers residing in the UAE. That place is called Tashkeel, and I had the privilege of working - and evolving - as a Studio Coordinator for a period of 5 years. Even when I'm no longer an employee there, I am back as a member using the facilities and still keeping that networking going!

As for my practice, my passion is printmaking, and am always in the search of finding new contemporary approaches to the discipline. I find the idea of having an original plate with the artwork on and printing it over and over is very mesmerising and therapeutic. It also encourages me to experiment more and do mixed media work, knowing that the original artwork still exists. I also respect a lot the systimatic process that surrounds each technique, starting from basic preparations to final printing stage. I just love printmaking. I think you should too. Trust me. It is amazing.

So what do I aspire from this website? Mainly showing my work really, and also taking you through the journey of discovering new means of expressions and explorations in the world of printmaking and installation art. The blog section will be updated constantly, and it will be my pleasure to have you join me on this ride. It's going to be a fun one, so let's begin!