Print inductions at RCA and more.. / by Salama Nasib

College registration started on Monday September 26th, and I had to run and finish my registration process during the first few days. After that all we had to do was to attend welcoming lectures and introductions to the college-wide facilities. It was a great opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the college and its rules, policies, ...etc. 

However, the fun part began later on when we started the print inductions. Print students were divided into 3 different groups that kept in rotating to take all three inductions. The three inductions included an introduction to Intaglio printing, Screen-printing and Lithography printing. They were an intensive two-days each inductions, but definitely worth it. All of the 1st year print students come in from different excellent backgrounds, yet each one of us discovered something new during those inductions. The print facilities are amazing at RCA, and honestly I can't wait to start producing work at the RCA studios!

Pictures above explain what we did during those inductions. Some of the work were group efforts, others were independent works. We also had the opportunity to present our work to the print department faculty and all of 1st year print students. It was a great way to get to know each other and it was very clear to us why each one of us got accepted. Such an amazing group with superb talents and skills. Let's see how we will impress each other over the next months :)

Finally, dissertation paper. Yup, we started having lectures on it, and we are to finish writing the whole dissertation paper by the end of the first year. Yay...more writing and reading, slightly less studio time for the first year. Let's see :)

Oh, and the second year print students threw a welcome party for us! It was lovely meeting all of the second year students indeed. They brought "halal" drinks for me and played some arabic music as well! Ha! The print department is indeed one of the sweetest and best departments at RCA. Bless them. 

More updates in the coming days. London is great so far. Can't keep up with all the events here and there!