Just for fun: Moon series / by Salama Nasib

Moon series was made for fun. With no concept or connection to anything at all. I had blank white postcards and I needed to create something on them. First black and white moon series happened. 

I just liked the idea of connecting different elements together and find that connection point. It started with the moon inside a nest, then just shifted to a bit more graphical inspired. They received positive feedback, and the same thing happened the following year. I was given another two postcards and boom; full moon, lines, and origami pieces!

The origami pieces have been lino-cut first, but then I kept thinking of remaking them as I wasn't super happy with the lino print outcome. All of these illustrations have been showcased at the RCASecret Dubai for the years of 2015 and 2016. They're all screen-printed except for the origami remake. Soon to be screen-printed. Simply made for fun.